About Grant

Jonathan Grant is an artist from Northern Indiana. As a child he would sneak across the street to Catholic Mass. He learned to value creativity, imagination and his own faith at a very young age. Since then Grant has attended Asbury University, U.C. Berkeley, Indiana University and is indefinitely avoiding a masters degree at Sotheby's Institute of Art.

Grant's passion is to assist artists. He thinks that helping artists become whole and connected within The Church is the first step toward healing The Church... and healing the world. Pretty big ideas. Grant collaborates with churches, hosts spiritual retreats and workshops, and travels around like a wandering gypsy.

Here is a recent interview with Megan Gilger.

Past collaborations include:

University of Notre Dame
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Asbury University Art Department
The United Methodist Church
Grace Episcopal Church
The American Church in Paris
La Fonderie
Le Pave d'Orsay
River Park Arts Community
Ann Tower Gallery
Michigan Artists Gallery

You can contact him here:

Grant also keeps a blog about fashion and adventure: Culture Keeper.